November 20, 2012

Key cake for me, pretty please!

One of my wishlist for as far as I can remember is to have a key cake for my 21st birthday but I guess it will not going to happen. Why key cake matters? Because my dad had one during his 21st and most of my family too. The significant of having a key is "a pathway to adulthood", well in other words you can do things legally now, things that you did when you were 15 or omg, you are getting older or thank god, you are getting wiser.

I can feel my heart crushes little by little as I see the marks on my calendar. My birthday is on 29th December and that time is our study week before the exam. I really want to go back, I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT TO  and my mom really want me to go back but.... it will waste of money since the next week is our semester break, sooooo? 

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