June 21, 2015

DIY Bride

Six months ago, I tied the knot with the love of my life. I worked too hard to make everything perfect and at the same time I struggled to complete my thesis but alhamdulillah everything went smoothly. I have always wanted to do everything on my own, so I did! I did the card, tag, boutonniere, hantaran, flower bouquets and table centrepieces but I did not own the credit alone. Everything was possible because I received tons of help from my friends; the bridesmaids and my family. In fact, my friends were the most stressful people on earth during the reception night. My friends also threw me an amazing bridal shower and bachelorette party. Both were surprises and they really nailed it, or I was just too easy? Hmm. Will blog about that soon. 

Invitation card

Thank you tag

Not really a big fan of fake but I chose to use fake flowers for boutonniere because I love the idea of my relatives keeping them forever and remembering my wedding for the rest of their life. *insert evil laugh emoji 

Inspiration, where art thou?

Typing and deleting are currently my choice of finger exercise. Lacking of inspiration is truly madly deeply suck big time! I had an amazing idea for one minute then in milisecond later whoosh! Gone like the wind. So I decided to go through the archive, I was really psyched reading the comments section. Browsing through my old Picasa Web Albums also makes me miss blogging. Here are some of my favourites; and yeah, I did flat lay (kind of) before it was famous. *insert proud face emoji

I was once very active in blogging world but then there were assignment, presentation, thesis and life that I had to keep up with. Long story short, I survived college, graduated, get married and currently jobless (housewife). Maybe it is about time to start again?

April 7, 2015

M life

My marriage is three months old and I am still alive! Truthfully, despite the LDR we are terribly happy. I moved to Kam's hometown together with my sister and Mummy (I guess nothing change actually) home still feels like home when they are around. I believed it was the fairest decision we have ever made as man and wife, so far. 

I get super excited about the wedding planning and stuff and I actually really forget to think about our life after marriage. Speaking of post wedding life, I am not pregnant... yet. Currently, we rent a house in the same neighbourhood with my in-laws and maybe in the near future, we are about to buy our very first home. I am very thrilled about the idea of having a new house to decorate from scratch, Pinterest is my witness. 

Hate to admit this but how am I going to choose which housing that deserve our investment when I cannot even choose which flats/slippers/wedges I should use today. What am I talking about, I have Kam to do all the thinking, choosing and stuff. I know he knows best. Okay proceed to my (our) dream home; Scandinavian interior, marble, white brick wall and French window/door. 

Source: Pinterest

October 11, 2014

Rustic / Pastel

My Pinterest board is really messed up right. I am in fact, extremely beyond messed up. In between doing my academic exercise and wanting to DIY my/our invitation cards, I die inside. I have less than three months and I am still very much confused with my/our choice of the theme. I want to go for rustic yet I am very fond towards pastel. Pastel is in my blood. I see pastel and feel only pastel. I want everything to be soft and subtle. Rustic pastel seems like a very good idea but I am still in doubt with the concept. What I have in mind now is shades of pink with the mixture of rustic style. Well, to be honest I am still in doubt with everything right now. Oh, and the Hantaran! We still haven't decided on the items. Gosh, too little time too many things to do. I just want everything to be perfect and DIY by me, is it really too much to ask?

February 26, 2013

My mind is speaking

Picturing me as arrogant or snobbish might be your first impression cause smiling to stranger is not my cup of tea. If you get to know me, you will know that I am the sun that shining up the day (based on the answers from Truth or Dare that we girls always play or maybe, you can just ignore that line. Lol.) If you get to know me real close, I am a very quite person, emotionally. I don't show much of my real feelings. I sometimes realise that I have been keeping too much that I can't longer organise all these feelings and thoughts I have inside. It's just hard for me to tell people like.. how am I feeling, why am I feeling that way or dialogues from a heart to heart session, even to my family, boyfriend or closest friends. There are times I feel like I should open up to someone but, knowing how judgmental people can be it scares me and I have no choice but to hold everything back. Yes, I maybe have some trust issue. It's quite hard, no, really hard for me to trust a person. I did trust couple wrong beings, they betrayed me and the rest is history. It hurts so bad and I still can remember every little things about it. Experience shapes me to put less trust on people. I end up having no one to trust including my boyfriend. 

January 27, 2013

Pastel pants

Planning on how to gain more money not kg this year.

Purchased three pastel pants today. All so cheap.

One of my favourite tribal print skirts. Visit @ohcoax at Instagram for more choice.

Still half way reading Out as I am too busy this holiday.

To write a post entry everyday or at least once a week I got to have a commitment, which I don't possess any.There are times I thought about posting something in the blog but to walk to my room, take my laptop, wait for it to start, connect to the broadband and bla bla bla I prefer do nothing. Indeed, my level of laziness is unbeatable. Oh Coax  is going on okay so far, feel free to visit my online store if you have free time. 

I am going to bake some chocolate cookies today and if they turn out to be as heaven as Famous Amos, I am absolutely going to show off and brag about it (hey, that is what people do right?).

January 15, 2013

aestherlyienda's giveaway

I've been tagged by Caroline for Aestherlyienda's giveaway. Now tell me, who is on earth that will give away MYR100 to stranger just like that? Aestherlyienda does! Go check her blog, trust me! You will never ending abusing her 'older post' button. 

I am tagging: Zell, Dora, Afiq, Jessicca and Faridah