April 7, 2015

M life

My marriage is three months old and I am still alive! Truthfully, despite the LDR we are terribly happy. I moved to Kam's hometown together with my sister and Mummy (I guess nothing change actually) home still feels like home when they are around. I believed it was the fairest decision we have ever made as man and wife, so far. 

I get super excited about the wedding planning and stuff and I actually really forget to think about our life after marriage. Speaking of post wedding life, I am not pregnant... yet. Currently, we rent a house in the same neighbourhood with my in-laws and maybe in the near future, we are about to buy our very first home. I am very thrilled about the idea of having a new house to decorate from scratch, Pinterest is my witness. 

Hate to admit this but how am I going to choose which housing that deserve our investment when I cannot even choose which flats/slippers/wedges I should use today. What am I talking about, I have Kam to do all the thinking, choosing and stuff. I know he knows best. Okay proceed to my (our) dream home; Scandinavian interior, marble, white brick wall and French window/door. 

Source: Pinterest

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