February 26, 2013

My mind is speaking

Picturing me as arrogant or snobbish might be your first impression cause smiling to stranger is not my cup of tea. If you get to know me, you will know that I am the sun that shining up the day (based on the answers from Truth or Dare that we girls always play or maybe, you can just ignore that line. Lol.) If you get to know me real close, I am a very quite person, emotionally. I don't show much of my real feelings. I sometimes realise that I have been keeping too much that I can't longer organise all these feelings and thoughts I have inside. It's just hard for me to tell people like.. how am I feeling, why am I feeling that way or dialogues from a heart to heart session, even to my family, boyfriend or closest friends. There are times I feel like I should open up to someone but, knowing how judgmental people can be it scares me and I have no choice but to hold everything back. Yes, I maybe have some trust issue. It's quite hard, no, really hard for me to trust a person. I did trust couple wrong beings, they betrayed me and the rest is history. It hurts so bad and I still can remember every little things about it. Experience shapes me to put less trust on people. I end up having no one to trust including my boyfriend. 

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  1. we got same problem. huhu. trust is just hard to find right now.


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