June 21, 2015

Inspiration, where art thou?

Typing and deleting are currently my choice of finger exercise. Lacking of inspiration is truly madly deeply suck big time! I had an amazing idea for one minute then in milisecond later whoosh! Gone like the wind. So I decided to go through the archive, I was really psyched reading the comments section. Browsing through my old Picasa Web Albums also makes me miss blogging. Here are some of my favourites; and yeah, I did flat lay (kind of) before it was famous. *insert proud face emoji

I was once very active in blogging world but then there were assignment, presentation, thesis and life that I had to keep up with. Long story short, I survived college, graduated, get married and currently jobless (housewife). Maybe it is about time to start again?


  1. Yes! You were the one that introduce me to blogging hehe

    1. And now I'm back! (just because I'm jobless, bored and nothing else to do) haha


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